Nurses on the Frontline of the Coronavirus Pandemic – Part 1

Nurse with face mask putting on gloves with Empowered Princess logo in operating room

“Storytelling in times of crisis help us cope and normalize trauma, it helps us humanize health care, and it teaches us to walk in someone else’s shoes.”

- Desi, an ICU nurse in northern California

3 cheers for every Empowered Princess nurse!

This episode goes out to each and everyone one Empowered Princess nurse. 

We are featuring a very special two-part podcast to do our part to bring joy to you (as most of us are under lockdown) and to flatten that curve! 

Oh yeah!

In this episode, Sarah and I talk with Desi, an ICU (and truly OG empowered princess) nurse from northern California. 

    • We get into real talk about COVID-19 and what you can do to help today. 
    • We laugh with Desi about hilarious things her patients have said over her years as a nurse.
    • We learn how storytelling is the single most important tool doctors and nurses have to humanize health care in a pandemic.

Empowered Princess nurse tees!

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Every purchase puts $2 directly into the American Nurses Association - who are supporting our nurses on the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Wishing you health, safety, and kindness all the days of your life. 

- Sarah and Brittany

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