We Can’t Step in the Same River Twice

Empowered Princess - Princess Feet Walking on Moss

Introducing the Empowered Princess Podcast!

We're pinching ourselves!! Our inaugural episode is here...all shiny and new. We can't wait to share it with you! This week's podcast introduces Empowered Princess - the empowered princess art, the hosts, and our stories.

We discuss why we are reimagining and enriching (versus throwing away) the princess metaphor.

We introduce Empowered Princess! It's all about the art. We reimagine the "princess" metaphor through printable and wearable art.

What can you expect?

We talk about the value of stories. Stories help us process the world around us and our experiences. Story is at the heart of every girl, woman, person, and culture. We process through the importance of owning our stories, feeling comfortable in our skin, and holding space for the stories of others.

We foreshadow the 4 series of the Empowered Princess podcast: modern empowered princess interviews, the sleepover series, the princess origin series, and the whatever-we-want-because-we-can series.

You don't need a ticket to join the empowered princess party. We're holding space for you and we invite you to take a seat on our couch as we openly and hilariously slay our self-doubt dragons, own our stories, and rule our kingdoms.

Welcome to the Empowered Princess family, friend!

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Episode 2 is already live and ready for you! Listen now to 002: Getting to Know the Empowered Princess Founders - Part 1!

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