Getting to Know the Empowered Princess Founders – Part 1

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The Empowered Princess Founders -
Getting to Know You!

Join us for a hilarious "Getting to Know You" episode where we - the founders of Empowered Princess, Sarah and Brittany - answer blind Q&As from each other.

We have not seen these questions in advance. In some parts, it borders on TMI but we do it all in the name of all things empowered princess-y, truth, and whimsy! And of course, to deposit vulnerability pennies in the trust bank for our gorgeous Empowered Princess listeners.

About Us (Leveled up!)

In this podcast, gird your princess loins! There are literal lions, metaphorical fairy godmothers, and some unexpected twists.

You don't need a ticket to board the Empowered Princess train. We're holding space for you.

And we invite you to take a seat on our couch as we openly and hilariously slay our self-doubt dragons, own our stories, and rule our kingdoms.

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