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The Sleepover Series: Mulan and 2017 Girl and Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 


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Reimagine what it means to be a princess today.


Reimagine what it means to be a princess today in this weekly podcast.

We deliver the Empowered Princess Podcast through a 4-part podcast that empowers women to be the heroes of their own stories.

The Modern Empowered Princess Series

We are privileged to interview modern empowered princesses around the globe in a series that provides a behind the scenes conversation with pioneering women, living the empowered princess life.

Learn how to pursue your empowered princess dreams too!

The Origin Series

In the Empowered Princess Origin Series, we take a deep and inspired dive into the original princess stories.

We look at how princess narratives have developed through the lens of time and culture.

And we explore their modern representation in animated and modern storytelling contexts.

The Sleepover Series

In The Sleepover Series, we pair a specially chosen wine with our favorite animated princess movies and provide frolicsome commentary.

Yes, frolicsome. 

This is the princess pajama party you've always wanted to be invited to!

Wait no longer...your invite to this princess sleepover is open.

The Empowerment Series

This is our central podcast series where we enrich and expand the historical princess metaphor.

Here, the modern empowered princess learns to own her story, slay her self-doubt dragon, and rule her kingdom.

We invite you to join us on the Empowered Princess couch.

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