The Sleepover Series: Frozen and Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc

The Sleepover Series: Frozen and Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc

Don your favorite pajamas…you know the ones from 3 Christmases ago that Grandma Gertie gave you.

And join us for our first EVER Sleepover Series podcast!

In the Empowered Princess Sleepover Series, we pair a specially chosen wine with an animated princess film and provide frolicsome commentary. Yes, frolicsome.

In this episode, we watch the modern princess phenomenon, Frozen, paired with a tropical Sauvignon Blanc from Malborough, New Zealand.

From here...called Nobilo and a 2018 vintage.

Empowered Princess Podcast Image of New Zealand with arrow pointing to Marlborough wine region

Empowered Princess Podcast Wine Pairing - Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc from Malborough New Zealand Paired with Frozen


Buy this crisp beauty near you, chill it rrrriiight down, and pop in Frozen and hang out with us as we watch this kinda not actually Norse, wintery classic.

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc 2018 - Where can I buy it near me?

We cover everything from horse eyebrows to sister summits to fan-princessing over Idina Menzel’s vocal stylings. YAS, Queen (Elsa)!

IF you want to watch the FULL MOVIE right along with us...listen to THIS version ----> Full Version of The Sleepover Series: Frozen and Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc. The published podcast version is abridged to cut out the white space.

If you missed out on our intro podcast, don’t fear! You can listen to it here: We Can’t Step in the Same River Twice

We invite you to take a seat on our couch as we openly and hilariously slay our self-doubt dragons, own our stories, and rule our kingdoms.

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(*We mention Jaclyn Rymer’s magic princess hair styling for events and weddings in the podcast…she wasn’t the official hairstylist for Elsa and Anna, but she could’ve been. Find her on the Insta at @rymerhairandmakeup)


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