Getting to Know the Empowered Princess Founders – Part 2

Empowered Princess Founders having tea and laughing in two princess chairs

The Empowered Princess Founders - Getting to Know Us Part 2

In this episode of the Empowered Princess podcast, we wrap up our "Getting to Know You" shenanigan-nery.

Pour yourself a cuppa, unbuckle your expectations, and brace for the hilarity of diving further into the psyches and lives of the Empowered Princess founders, Sarah and Brittany.

The speed rounds include outlandish Disney and animated princess-themed "Would You Rather" games, seashell bra marketing slogans, on-the-spot fails, and vulnerable gold all mixed into a poisoned apple (not actually poisoned, but the symbolism is too good to pass up) pie.


1. We have not seen any of these questions in advance.

2. When editing this episode of the Empowered Princess Podcast, our lovely sound engineer said, and I quote “I haven’t laughed out loud while editing a podcast in a LOOOONG time.”

3. If our purpose in Part 1 of this podcast was to deposit vulnerability pennies in the trust bank of our you, our gorgeous Empowered Princess listener, then our purpose this week is to stock the coffers of your Scrooge McDuck-y money vault.

If you missed Part 1, don't fear! You can listen here: 002: Empowered Princess Podcast - Getting to Know Us Part 1.

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