The Sleepover Series: Mulan and 2017 Girl and Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon

“Here, we are introduced, not to the fearless warrior, but to the girl standing under the layers of weight of cultural and societal expectations…”

[and the runner-up, but equally relevant pull-quote from this episode]

“Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your boobs…dishonor on your lily pad-covered regions.”

-Brittany and Sarah, Empowered Princess Co-Founders

PSA: If you want to watch the FULL MOVIE* right along with us…listen to THIS version ——>  [Full Version of The Sleepover Series: Mulan and Girl and Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon] The published podcast version is abridged to cut out the white space. 

Calling all Disney Renaissance babies and fangirls!!! We’re ringing the legendary gong because we call you to honor with us Mulan, a golden era animated classic and legend of real history.

Fa-Mulan was a real human girl who walked this earth as an Empowered Princess and continues to inspire billions.

Those who miss this Empowered Princess podcast episode can expect dishonor on all of their cows. Every. Single. One. We kid…probably.

But we’re not kidding when we say ‘Join us!’ for this sleepover series where we watch and pair a scrumptious wine with the original animated Mulan (1998).

What you can expect:

* Swashbuckling girl-swording
* An open invitation to be our friend - we crazy, but the good kind of crazy
* Hilarious and insightful commentary
* The best musical training montage of all animated time


*note the shameless Mulan-inspired face mask placement, which you can purchase on our website!

We’ll make a man out of you…or there WILL BE dishonor on your cow.

Buy this yummy wine to pair! Girl and Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 - Where can I buy it near me?

Close up for the label art of our wine pairing choice for the Sleepover Series: Mulan.

Empowered Princess Podcast Sleepover Series Mulan Girl and Dragon Wine Pairing Detail Picture

With great heart,

Sarah and Brittany

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