Where Is Your Kingdom? Part 2 – She has authority in her kingdom

"If you could live out of your imagination instead of your history,
what would you do?"

- Brittany, Empowered Princess co-founder

Helllooooooo, beautiful people!

We're so pleased to bring you Part 2 of the Where Is Your Kingdom? series here (and only here) on the Empowered Princess Podcast.

Pour that cuppa or put us on in your car for that commute you haven't had to do in 5 months cause you don't want to miss what we cover in Where is Your Kingdom? Part 2: She Has Authority in Her Kingdom.

  • We talk about the importance of knowing what we have control over (what's inside our kingdoms) versus what we worry about but have no control over (what's outside our kingdoms).
  • We talk about recognizing the signs of living outside of our kingdoms and how to navigate that with our different temperaments.
  • We talk about the importance of being earthed (it's super princess metaphor-y).
  • We learn how to create space for ourselves before we respond to situations and events and news in our lives.

Developing authority in our kingdoms and our stories is like flexing a muscle. It takes practice and repetition and kindness to ourselves and the people around us as we learn.

We are grateful to have you explore this question and space with us - Where Is Your Kingdom?

Wishing you space and light and the courage to own and compassionately exercise the authority you have in your kingdom.

With you on the journey,

Sarah and Brittany


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