Where Is Your Kingdom? (WIYK?) Part 1 – She Knows the Boundaries of her Land

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"Where are our kingdoms? What are they and what are the rules there?
We believe that that should be a proactive image in our minds of what we want our futures to look like.
...what we want our contribution to look like.
...what we want our kingdoms to look like."

- Brittany, Empowered Princess co-founder

To know and own our stories so that we may shape our collective and individual futures is. why. we. started. Empowered. Princess.

We are women with stories.

So in this episode, we bring you the ooey-gooey glowing magma center of the Empowered Princess bonbon.

  • As we ask ourselves and each other “Where Is You Kingdom?” - we dive into a sacred call to dream, define, and reshape our lives, our thoughts, and ourselves.
  • And all the rules and expectations of women have changed very quickly and are still uncertain.
  • Explore with us some of those changes, where we are now, and a few practical ways to begin to proactively define our kingdoms.

It can be a journey fraught with ‘emotional turmoil and dinosaur fights’ so let’s go together!

We are so excited to invite you to explore this question and space with us - Where Is Your Kingdom?

Wishing you space and light and the courage to define the boundaries of your land.

With you on the journey,

Sarah and Brittany


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